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ATL431LI_V02 Datasheet(Hoja de datos) 14 Page - Texas Instruments

No. de Pieza. ATL431LI_V02
Descripción  ATL431LI / ATL432LI High Bandwidth Low-Iq Programmable Shunt Regulator
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Fabricante  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
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Typical Applications (continued) Design Requirements
For this design example, use the parameters listed in Table 1 as the input parameters.
Table 1. Design Parameters
Input Voltage Range
0 V to 5 V
Input Resistance
10 kΩ
Supply Voltage
24 V
Cathode Current (Ik)
5 mA
Output Voltage Level
~2 V – VSUP
Logic Input Thresholds VIH/VIL
VL Detailed Design Procedure
When using ATL431LI as a comparator with reference, determine the following:
Input Voltage Range
Reference Voltage Accuracy
Output logic input high and low level thresholds
Current Source resistance
Basic Operation
In the configuration shown in Figure 23 ATL431LI will behave as a comparator, comparing the VREF pin voltage
to the internal virtual reference voltage. When provided a proper cathode current (IK), ATL431LI will have enough
open loop gain to provide a quick response. This can be seen in Figure 24, where the RSUP=10 kΩ (IKA=500 µA)
situation responds much slower than RSUP=1 kΩ (IKA=5 mA). With the ATL431LI max Operating Current (IMIN)
being 0.08 mA, operation near that could result in low gain, leading to a slow response.
Slow or inaccurate responses can also occur when the reference pin is not provided enough overdrive voltage.
This is the amount of voltage that is higher than the internal virtual reference. The internal virtual reference
voltage will be within the range of 2.5 V ±(0.5% or 1.0%) depending on which version is being used. The more
overdrive voltage provided, the faster the ATL431LI will respond.
For applications where ATL431LI is being used as a comparator, it is best to set the trip point to greater than the
positive expected error (that is +1.0% for the A version). For fast response, setting the trip point to >10% of the
internal VREF should suffice.
For minimal voltage drop or difference from Vin to the ref pin, TI recommends to use an input resistor <10kΩ to
provide Iref.

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