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GRM1885C2A5R4BA01 Datasheet(Hoja de datos) 20 Page - Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd

No. de Pieza. GRM1885C2A5R4BA01
Descripción  Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose
Descarga  30 Pages
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Fabricante  MURATA1 [Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd]
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 20 page
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 (2) Example of a Disc Separator
  An outline of a disc separator is shown as follows. As shown in the Principle of Operation, the top blade and bottom blade are aligned with the V-grooves on the printed circuit board to separate the board.
In the following case, board deflection stress will be applied and cause cracks in the capacitors.
(1) When the adjustment of the top and bottom blades are misaligned, such as deviating in the top-bottom, left-right or front-rear directions
(2) The angle of the V groove is too low, depth of the V groove is too shallow, or the V groove is misaligned top-bottom
IF V groove is too deep, it is possible to brake when you handle and carry it. Carefully design depth of the V groove with consideration about strength of material of the printed circuit board.
[ Outline of Machine ]
[ Principle of Operation ]
[ Cross-section Diagram ]
[ Disc Separator ]
Top Blade
Top Blade
Top Blade
Top Blade
Bottom Blade
Bottom Blade
Bottom Blade
Bottom Blade
[ V-groove Design ]
 (3) Example of Router Type Separator
 The router type separator performs cutting by a router rotating at a high speed.
 Since the board does not bend in the cutting process, stress on the board can be suppressed during board separation.
  When attaching or removing boards to/from the router type separator, carefully handle the boards to prevent bending.
Depth too Deep
Not recommended
Top-bottom Misalignment
Left-right Misalignment
Front-rear Misalignment
Example of Recommended
V-groove Design
Not Recommended
Left-right Misalignment
Depth too Shallow
Printed Circuit Board
Top Blade
Bottom Blade
Top Blade
Printed Circuit Board
[ Outline Drawing ]

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