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TC236 Datasheet(Hoja de datos) 1 Page - Texas Instruments

No. de Pieza. TC236
Descripción  680-×500-PIXEL CCD IMAGE SENSOR
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Fabricante  TI [Texas Instruments]
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© 1994, Texas Instruments Incorporated
Very High-Resolution, 1/3-in Solid-State
Image Sensor for NTSC Color Applications
340,000 Pixels per Field
Frame Memory
658 (H) × 496 (V) Active Elements in
Image-Sensing Area Compatible With
Electronic Centering
Multimode Readout Capability
– Progressive Scan
– Interlaced Scan
– Dual-Line Readout
Fast Single-Pulse Clear Capability
Continuous Electronic Exposure Control
From 1/60 – 1/50,000 s
7.4-µm Square Pixels
Advanced Lateral-Overflow-Drain
Low Dark Current
High Dynamic Range
High Sensitivity
High Blue Response
Solid-State Reliability With No Image
Burn-In, Residual Imaging, Image
Distortion, Image Lag, or Microphonics
The TC236 is a frame-transfer, charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensor designed for use in single-chip color
NTSC TV, computer, and special-purpose applications requiring low cost and small size.
The image-sensing area of the TC236 is configured into 500 lines with 680 elements in each line. Twenty-two
elements are provided in each line for dark reference. The blooming-protection feature of the sensor is based
on an advanced lateral-overflow-drain concept. The sensor can be operated in a true-interlace mode as a
× 496(V) sensor with a very low dark current. One important feature of the TC236 very high-resolution
sensor is the ability to capture a full 340,000 pixels per field. The image sensor also provides high-speed image-
transfer capability. This capability allows for a continuous electronic exposure control without the loss of
sensitivity and resolution inherent in other technologies. The charge is converted to signal voltage at 20
µV per
electron by a high-performance structure with a reset and a voltage-reference generator. The signal is further
buffered by a low-noise, two-stage, source-follower amplifier to provide high output-drive capability.
The TC236 is built using TI-proprietary advanced virtual-phase (AVP) technology, which provides devices with
high blue response, low dark signal, good uniformity, and single-phase clocking. The TC236 is characterized
for operation from – 10
°C to 45°C.
This MOS device contains limited built-in gate protection. During storage or handling, the device leads should be shorted together
or the device should be placed in conductive foam. In a circuit, unused inputs should always be connected to VSS. Under no
circumstances should pin voltages exceed absolute maximum ratings. Avoid shorting OUT to VSS during operation to prevent
damage to the amplifier. The device can also be damaged if the output terminals are reverse-biased and an excessive current is
allowed to flow. Specific guidelines for handling devices of this type are contained in the publication
Guidelines for Handling
Electrostatic-Discharge-Sensitive (ESDS) Devices and Assemblies available from Texas Instruments.
ADVANCE INFORMATION concerns new products in the sampling or
preproduction phase of development. Characteristic data and other
specifications are subject to change without notice.

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