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N32012U4DN Datasheet(PDF) 6 Page - Nuvoton Technology Corporation

No. de Pieza. N32012U4DN
Descripción  ARM926-based Media Processor
Descarga  47 Pages
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Fabricante  NUVOTON [Nuvoton Technology Corporation]
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N32012U4DN Datasheet(HTML) 6 Page - Nuvoton Technology Corporation

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Nuvoton Technology Corp.
Release Date: May. 2013
Rev. A5.1
ARM926EJ-S 32-bit RISC CPU with 8KB I-Cache & 8KB D-Cache
Frequency up to 200MHz@1.8V core power operation voltage
JTAG interface supported for development and debugging
Internal SRAM & ROM
8KB internal SRAM and 16KB IBR internal booting ROM supported
IBR booting messages displayed by UART console for debugging supported
Different system booting modes supported:
Memory card
SD card
SD-to-NAND flash bridge
Raw NAND Flash
SPI Flash
EDMA (Enhanced DMA)
Totally 5 DMA channels supported
4 peripheral DMA channels for transfer between memory and on-chip peripherals,
such as ADC, UART and SPI
One dedicated channel for memory-to-memory transfer
Byte, half-word and word data width types supported
Single and burst transfer modes supported
Block transfer supported in memory-to-memory transfer channel
Color format transformation supported in memory-to-memory transfer channel
Source color format could be RGB555, RGB565 and YCbCr422
Destination color format could be RGB555, RGB565 and YCbCr422
Auto reload supported for continuous data transfer
Interrupt generation supported in the half-of-transfer or end-of-transfer
Capture (CMOS Sensor I/F)
CCIR601 & CCIR656 interfaces supported for connection to CMOS image sensor
Resolution up to 2M pixel for Still Image Capture, 640x480 (VGA) resolution for MJPEG
Video Streaming
YUV422 and RGB565 color format supported for data-in from CMOS sensor
YUV422, RGB565, RGB555 and Y-only color format supported for data storing to system
Planar and packet data formats supported for data storing to system memory
Image cropping supported with the cropping window up to 4096x2048
Image scaling-down supported
Vertical and horizontal scaling-down for preview mode supported
The scaling factor is N/M
Two pairs of configurable 8-bit N and 8-bit M for vertical and horizontal scaling-
The value of N has to equal to or less than M
Frame rate control supported
Combines two interlace fields to a single frame supported for data in from TV-decoder
JPEG Codec
Baseline Sequential mode JPEG codec function compliant with ISO/IEC 10918-1

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