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MAX5717EVKIT Datasheet(PDF) 3 Page - Maxim Integrated Products

No. de Pieza. MAX5717EVKIT
Descripción  MAX5717 Evaluation Kit
Descarga  22 Pages
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Fabricante  MAXIM [Maxim Integrated Products]
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MAX5717EVKIT Datasheet(HTML) 3 Page - Maxim Integrated Products

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Maxim Integrated │ 3
Evaluates: MAX5717/MAX5719
MAX5717 Evaluation Kit
General Description of Software
The main window of the MAX5717/MAX5719 EV kit
software contains controls to evaluate the MAX5717 and
MAX5719 ICs. Included is a waveform generator that
allows the user to quickly evaluate the device.
uSB2PMB Adapter
The controls within the
uSB2PMB groupbox allow the
user to select the appropriate USB2PMB devices. When
Scan Adapters button is pressed, it will update the
dropdown list with all USB2PMB devices. With the EV
kit connected to the PC,
PMODxxxxxx (where xxxxxx is
numeric) will appear within the dropdown list. Make the
appropriate selection respective of the IC and press on
Connect button.
The Sample groupbox contains the sample rate and SPI
SCLK options applicable to EV kit. Sample rate ranges
from 5000sps to 200000sps. The SPI SCLK is selectable
from 80kHz to 15MHz. Once configured, the user can
either press the Sample Once or Sample Continuous
Transfer Function
The EV kit can work in either unipolar or bipolar mode.
Please refer to Unipolar and Bipolar section of the data
Plot Configuration
The Scope display can plot the waveform generator’s
data in units of LSBs or voltage in a time domain. In
addition, provides an FFT plot of the raw data for the
MAX5717 or MAX5719.
Signal Setup
Signal Setup controls are similar to a function
generator and can be used to quickly evaluate the EV
kit. It provides waveforms in sine, left and right sawtooth,
triangle, square, and white noise. Amplitude, Offset, and
Frequency can be adjusted for each waveform.
General Description of Hardware
The MAX5717/MAX5719 EV kit demonstrates the
MAX5717/MAX5719, 16/20-bit DAC. The EV kit includes
an on-board master IC for all SPI and I/O communication.
user-Supplied SPi
To evaluate the EV kit with a user-supplied SPI bus, place
shunts on the 2-3 position of jumper J6, J7, J9, and J10.
Apply the user-supplied SPI signals to the SCLK, CS,
DIN, and LDAC test points. Make sure the return ground
is the same as the MAX5717/MAX5719’s ground.
user-Supplied VDD
The MAX5717/MAX5719 is powered through USB by
default. For user-supplied VDD, remove the shunt of the
jumper J13 and apply +5V at the VDD test point.
User-Supplied Power for Voltage Reference
The voltage reference is powered through USB by default.
For user-supplied power, remove the shunt of the jumper
J3 and apply +5V at the IN_U12 test point.
User-Supplied Voltage Reference
The MAX9632 (U13) is an optional buffer for the refer-
ence of the MAX5717/MAX5719. Apply only +5V to the
OP2+ test point when a voltage reference is applied at the
EXT_REF test point.
user-Supplied Power for Buffer (u4)
The MAX9632 is an optional buffer for the output of the
MAX5717/MAX5719. Place shunts on the 2-3 position of
jumpers J5 and J11. Apply only +5V to +15V at the OP+
test point and -5V to -15V at the OP- test point.
unipolar and Bipolar Output
When in unipolar output and the output buffer is in use, a
shunt should be placed in the 2-3 position of jumper J5,
1-2 position of the jumper J8, 2-3 position of jumper J11,
and open position of jumper 12. When in bipolar output,
a shunt should be placed in the 2-3 position of jumper J5,
2-3 position of the jumper J8, 2-3 position of jumper J11,
and closed position of jumper J12.

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