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MAX5890 Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - Maxim Integrated Products

No. de Pieza. MAX5890
Descripción  MAX5889/MAX5890/MAX5891 Evaluation Kits
Descarga  14 Pages
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Fabricante  MAXIM [Maxim Integrated Products]
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MAX5890 Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - Maxim Integrated Products

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Power Supplies
The EV kits can operate from a single 1.8V power sup-
ply connected to the DVDD1 and AVDD1 input power
pads, and a single 3.3V power supply connected to the
DVDD2, AVDD2, and VDD_CK input power pads for
simple operation. However, five separate power sup-
plies are recommended to optimize dynamic perfor-
mance. The EV kit PCB layout is divided into three sec-
tions: digital, analog, and clock. Using separate power
supplies for each section reduces noise and improves
the integrity of the analog output signal. When using
separate power supplies connect a 1.8V power supply
across the DVDD1 and DGND pads and a 3.3V power
supply across the DVDD2 and DGND pads (digital).
Connect a 1.8V power supply across the AVDD1 and
the AGND pads and a 3.3V power supply across the
AVDD2 and the AGND pads (analog). Connect a 3.3V
power supply across the VDD_CK and the CGND pads
LVDS Digital Input Data
The MAX5889/MAX5890/MAX5891 EV kits provide two
0.1in 2 x 20 headers (J1, J2) to interface an LVDS pat-
tern generator to the EV kit. The header data pins
labeled on the MAX5889/MAX5890/MAX5891 EV kit
PCB are aligned with the MAX5891 DAC data input
pins. See Table 1 to align the MAX5890 and MAX5889
input data bits from the pattern generator to the corre-
sponding data pins on headers J1 and J2. The input
data is latched on the rising edge of the clock signal.
Clock Signal
The MAX5889/MAX5890/MAX5891 operate with a dif-
ferential clock input signal. However, the EV kit boards
only require an external single-ended clock signal con-
nected to the CLK SMA connector. The EV kit features
circuitry that converts a single-ended clock signal to a
differential clock signal. The clock signal should be a
low-jitter sine or square wave. A minimum signal power
amplitude of +8dBm is recommended to drive the
clock input. The DACs accept a clock input frequency
range of 1MHz to 600MHz.
Reference Voltage
The MAX5889/MAX5890/MAX5891 DACs require a ref-
erence voltage to set the full-scale output current of the
DAC. The MAX5889/MAX5890/MAX5891 integrate a sta-
ble on-chip bandgap reference of 1.2V that is selected
by default during initial power-up. An external voltage
reference can be connected to test point TP1 to over-
drive the internal voltage reference. The EV kit circuit
also features an on-board, external 1.25V reference (U2,
MAX6161) that can be used to overdrive the internal
voltage reference. U2 has a tighter voltage output toler-
ance and is less susceptible to temperature variations.
See Table 2 to select the voltage reference source.
Full-Scale Output Current
The MAX5889/MAX5890/MAX5891 require an external
resistor to set the full-scale output current. The EV kit full-
scale current is set to 20mA with resistor R4. Replace
resistor R4 to adjust the full-scale output current. Refer to
the Reference Architecture and Operation section in the
MAX5889/MAX5890/MAX5891 corresponding IC data
sheets to select different values for resistor R4.
To achieve the best dynamic performance, the
MAX5889/MAX5890/MAX5891 outputs are configured
for differential current mode. The resistor and trans-
former network at the DAC output is designed to con-
vert the differential current to a single-ended voltage
signal with a 50
Ω output impedance. When the OUT-
PUT connector is terminated with a 50
Ω external load,
the full-scale output signal level equals -2dBm.
To evaluate the converter’s single-ended outputs,
remove transformer T1. Probe the single-ended signals
at the OUTIP and OUTIN SMA connectors (must be
installed). In single-ended configuration the DAC output
signal amplitude is equal to 1VP-P at each of the outputs.
MAX5889/MAX5890/MAX5891 Evaluation Kits
becomes the
output of the
Internal 1.2V
enabled or
connect an
external reference
to TP1
Connected to
U2 (MAX6161)
U2 provides a
precise 1.25V
voltage reference
Table 2. Reference Voltage Source
(JU2 and JU3)
*If jumper JU2 is installed, jumper JU3 must be installed.

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