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T-100 Datasheet(PDF) 1 Page - 3M Electronics

No. de pieza T-100
Descripción Electrónicos  3M??Petroleum Sorbents
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T-100 Datasheet(HTML) 1 Page - 3M Electronics

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March 2015
Technical Data
3M™ Petroleum Sorbents
For control of spills of hydrocarbons on water or land. 3M™ Petroleum Sorbents repel water and will float (as long as
surfactants are not also present).
Product Description
3M™ Petroleum Sorbents are made from inert, synthetic fibers principally polypropylene and polyester. They are available in
a wide range of formats and are lightweight and nominally dust-free. They have a high adsorption capacity which minimizes
the amount of waste for disposal. HP Series antistatic products have a charge dissipating polypropylene scrim and are
packaged in charge dissipating film.
White (High Capacity & T Series sheets and rolls), white with multi-colored material flecks (Medium Capacity sheets and
rolls), and red / orange (booms and pillows). Medium Capacity appearance may vary due to recycle content used.
Selection Guide
Antistatic Products - The HP antistatic products are designed for use in low temperatures and low humidity to help reduce
the risk of sparking.
Booms - May be connected together to form barriers. These are anchored at each end and positioned across still or
moving water to contain, channel and adsorb oil spills.
Drum covers - Rectangular pads with perforated circles designed to fit on top of drums.
Folded - Combines four formats in one product. Folded sorbents are perforated every 16 inches (40 cm) and can be
unfolded to be used as booms, pillows, sheets or rolls.
Minibooms - Generally used in on-land applications to contain and adsorb spills.
Pillows - Used for bulk adsorption of oil on land or water. Particularly useful in drains to act as interceptors.
Pads - A highly adaptable format. They can be used on water to pick up oil, to cover large surface areas, and in wiping
Rolls - For fast coverage of large surface areas, including water. They can be easily torn to length and can be used as a
Spill Kits and Response Packs - May contain different types of sorbents and temporary disposal bags. Compact for easy
storage and quick response.
Sweep - Used to pull over water to remove surface films.

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