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T-100 Datasheet(PDF) 2 Page - 3M Electronics

No. de pieza T-100
Descripción Electrónicos  3M??Petroleum Sorbents
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T-100 Datasheet(HTML) 2 Page - 3M Electronics

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March 2015
Typical Liquids Adsorbed
3M™ Petroleum Sorbents are suitable for adsorbing hydrocarbons and non-polar organic solvents, eg., oil, paraffin, diesel,
benzene, alcohols, toluene, trichloroethane, esters and ethers.
Limitations of Use
3M recommends that a compatibility test with the liquid of interest be carried out prior to using the sorbent. For use in
temperature over 60°C it is essential that such a compatibility test is made prior to use. Do not use on aqueous liquids or
aggressive liquids, strong acids, caustic oxidizers or reactive chemicals. In particular there is a risk of degradation with the
following: oleum, chlorosulfonic acid, liquid bromine, fuming nitric acid, chromic acid, sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide.
3M™ Petroleum Sorbents may be used to adsorb hazardous materials. Adequate precautions should be taken when
handling or storing hazardous / flammable materials and appropriate personal protective equipment should be worn. Users
should be informed of the risks incurred in use, storage and disposal of sorbents containing hazardous materials.
Dispose of used sorbents only in accordance with local and national regulations for the materials adsorbed.
Waste Minimization
3M recommends that waste streams should be minimized wherever possible. 3M sorbents promote minimization by only
being a small part of the total waste. In addition where laws allow, 3M™ Petroleum Sorbents can be disposed of by
incineration yielding less than 0.2% ash (ASTM D-482). The high energy value of the sorbents is also favorable for
incineration and waste-to-fuel systems.
High Capacity sorbents contain at least 25% recycled content by weight. Medium Capacity sorbents contain at least 50%
recycled content by weight.
Adsorption / Sorbency
The sorbent capacity quoted in the table below is based on testing per ASTM F 726 “Standard Test Method for Sorbent
Performance of Adsorbents.” In brief, the sorbent samples were immersed in a “medium” density oil, drained and weighed.
In the 1981 version of the standard, samples are immersed for a variable period of time in an attempt to make sure the
sorbent is saturated. The sorbent is then drained horizontally. In the 2006 version of the standard, samples are immersed
for 15 minutes and then most types are drained vertically. Capacity according to both versions of the standard is presented.
Data presented are nominal; there will be variability in sorbent performance. Capacity and speed of adsorption will
differ depending on the liquid’s polarity, surface tension and viscosity. Ambient temperature may also affect results.
Therefore, results will vary by application.

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