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SS51T Datasheet(PDF) 1 Page - Honeywell Solid State Electronics Center

No. de Pieza. SS51T
Descripción  Surface Mount Sensors
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Fabricante  HONEYWELL [Honeywell Solid State Electronics Center]
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SS51T Datasheet(HTML) 1 Page - Honeywell Solid State Electronics Center

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Hall Effect Products
Surface Mount Sensors
SS5 Series
MICRO SWITCH Sensing and Control
• Wide temperature and
voltage ranges for design
flexibility and harsh
• Temperature compensated
for consistent operation with
low-cost magnets (SS500).
• SS5 Package is resistant to
thermal and mechanical
• SS5 profile is lower than
other SOT-89 packages.
This allows the customer to
reduce the total gap.
• Industry standard "gull-wing"
design. Less susceptibility to
"solder bridging". Allows
increased circuit board
• Bipolar, unipolar and latching
• Low Gauss versions
available for high accuracy
or wide gap applications.
• SS5 package allows 4-pin
package designs
• Brushless DC motors
• Digital current sensor
• Anti-skid braking sensor
• Piston detection in hydraulic
• Valve position sensing
• Cam, lever, shaft position
• Tachometer, counter pickup
• Push-button sensor
• Disk speed, tape rotation,
flow rate sensing
• Speed sensing - rate, under,
over speed
• Remote reading sensor
• Magnetic card reader
SS5 Series Hall effect position sensors are operated by the magnetic
field from a permanent magnet or electromagnet. The small SOT89 style
package surface mounts on PC boards and flexible circuits. The SS5 uses
a industry standard "gull-wing" design which makes it less susceptible to
"solder bridging" and allows increased circuit board density. The SS5
series package can accommodate larger IC’s than SS1 and allows for four-
pin designs
The integrated circuits are designed to provide predictable performance
over the full temperature range of -40 to +150
°C. Bipolar, unipolar and
latching magnetics are available. The SS5 has the same footprint and pin-
out as the industry standard SOT-89. It will replace Honeywell SS1 Series
and any equivalent SOT-89 sensors from other suppliers with minimum or
no design changes.
On-board regulation provides extremely stable operation over the full
supply voltage range of 4.5 to 24 VDC(SS51T) or 3.8 to 30 VDC(SS500).
Current consumption is a low 10 mA maximum at 40
°C and is typically
7mA or less at room temperature and above. SS5 sensors are capable of
continuous 20 mA sinking output, and can withstand temporary current as
high as 20 mA maximum (SS51T) or 50 mA maximum (SS500). They can
use existing power supply sources in most applications, and can be directly
interfaced with many electronic components without buffering or
compensation circuitry.
SS5 Series sensors are supplied on tape and reel for high-volume,
automated pick and place equipment. Each reel contains 1,000 sensors.
MICRO SWITCH supplies bar and ring magnets for operating Hall effect
sensors. Bar magnets can operate any Hall effect sensor. Ring magnets
are magnetized on the outside diameter with alternating North and South
poles. They are particularly useful with bipolar sensors and rpm

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