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LTC3407 Datasheet(PDF) 7 Page - Linear Technology

No. de Pieza. LTC3407
Descripción  Dual Synchronous, 600mA, 1.5MHz Step-Down DC/DC Regulator
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Fabricante  LINER [Linear Technology]
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LTC3407 Datasheet(HTML) 7 Page - Linear Technology

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decrease causes the error amplifier to increase the ITH
voltage until the average inductor current matches the new
load current.
The main control loop is shut down by pulling the RUN pin
to ground.
Low Current Operation
Two modes are available to control the operation of the
LTC3407 at low currents. Both modes automatically switch
from continuous operation to to the selected mode when
the load current is low.
To optimize efficiency, the Burst Mode operation can be
selected. When the load is relatively light, the LTC3407
automatically switches into Burst Mode operation in which
the PMOS switch operates intermittently based on load
demand with a fixed peak inductor current. By running
cycles periodically, the switching losses which are domi-
nated by the gate charge losses of the power MOSFETs are
minimized. The main control loop is interrupted when the
output voltage reaches the desired regulated value. A
hysteretic voltage comparator trips when ITH is below
0.35V, shutting off the switch and reducing the power. The
output capacitor and the inductor supply the power to the
load until ITH exceeds 0.65V, turning on the switch and the
main control loop which starts another cycle.
For lower ripple noise at low currents, the pulse skipping
mode can be used. In this mode, the LTC3407 continues
to switch at a constant frequency down to very low
currents, where it will begin skipping pulses.
Dropout Operation
When the input supply voltage decreases toward the
output voltage, the duty cycle increases to 100% which is
the dropout condition. In dropout, the PMOS switch is
turned on continuously with the output voltage being
equal to the input voltage minus the voltage drops across
the internal p-channel MOSFET and the inductor.
An important design consideration is that the RDS(ON) of
the P-channel switch increases with decreasing input
supply voltage (See Typical Performance Characteristics).
Therefore, the user should calculate the power dissipation
when the LTC3407 is used at 100% duty cycle with low
input voltage (See Thermal Considerations in the Applica-
tions Information Section).
Low Supply Operation
The LTC3407 incorporates an Under-Voltage Lockout
circuit which shuts down the part when the input voltage
drops below about 1.65V to prevent unstable operation.
A general LTC3407 application circuit is shown in
Figure 2. External component selection is driven by the
load requirement, and begins with the selection of the
inductor L. Once the inductor is chosen, CIN and COUT can
be selected.
Inductor Selection
Although the inductor does not influence the operating
frequency, the inductor value has a direct effect on ripple
current. The inductor ripple current ∆IL decreases with
higher inductance and increases with higher VIN or VOUT:
∆ =
Accepting larger values of ∆IL allows the use of low
inductances, but results in higher output voltage ripple,
greater core losses, and lower output current capability.
A reasonable starting point for setting ripple current is
∆IL = 0.3 • ILIM, where ILIM is the peak switch current limit.
The largest ripple current ∆IL occurs at the maximum
input voltage. To guarantee that the ripple current stays
below a specified maximum, the inductor value should be
chosen according to the following equation:
The inductor value will also have an effect on Burst Mode
operation. The transition from low current operation be-
gins when the peak inductor current falls below a level set
by the burst clamp. Lower inductor values result in higher
ripple current which causes this to occur at lower load

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