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TPMI Datasheet(PDF) 2 Page - PerkinElmer Optoelectronics

No. de Pieza. TPMI
Descripción  Thermopile Sensor Module With Integrated Signal Processing
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Fabricante  PERKINELMER [PerkinElmer Optoelectronics]
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TPMI Datasheet(HTML) 2 Page - PerkinElmer Optoelectronics

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The new integrated thermopile module consists of a
thermopile chip and an ASIC, for signal processing,
ambient temperature measurement and compensation of
the object temperature, in a TO-5 sized housing. The
implemented serial communication interface allows fully
automated trimming and calibration of the sensor. The
compact device has only 6 connection pins, from which
only 3 are needed in remote temperature measurement
This sensor is offered either as single component with
integrated optics or on a printed circuit board (PCB) with
mirror optics and connectors. The TPMI targets
applications where high accuracy, compact size, long term
stability and low cost are essential in industrial, home
appliance or automotive applications.
The new TPMI solution is a significant improvement over
the current PerkinElmer thermopile module (TPM), which
employs an external discrete circuit on a PCB for the
amplification of the signals and for the necessary ambient
temperature compensation. In short, the new TPMI offers
the following advantages over the current solution:
• Compact TO-5 sized housing; calibration of ambient
temperature sensor and object temperature output
performed within ASIC,
• No external components required; PCB version for
upgrade compatibility to current thermopile modules
available (see Fig. 3),
• Effective shielding of low level sensor signals against
electromagnetic interferences,
• Output pins carry amplified signals in the voltage range,
which make the sensor module insensitive against
humidity and leakage currents on PCB or assembly.
Design Concept
Design Concept
The design of the new integrated thermopile sensor
module includes at first the thermopile detector chip itself.
Further, the ambient temperature sensor and the signal
processing electronics, usually required in addition to the
thermopile detector, are integrated in a mixed
analog/digital ASIC with the following features:
• Adjustable low noise amplifier for amplification of the
signal generated by the thermopile chip,
• Temperature reference sensor with subsequent signal
• Calculation stage for thermopile signal independence
from ambient temperature,
• Bi-directional serial digital interface for ASIC trimming
and calibration,
• Programmable memory registration for non-volatile
storage of the trimming and calibration adjustments,
• Minimized supply current for reduction of self heating of
the sensor
Figure 1 shows the hybrid setup of the thermopile chip
and the mixed signal ASIC on a TO-39 baseplate with 6
connection pins. The user can choose among a variety of
caps in different heights and window openings, with or
without an integrated mirror or lens. The introduction
photo on page 1 shows a lens design. Figure 2 illustrates
a module with mirror optics configured on a PCB.
The hybrid setup
of the PerkinElmer
thermopile module
with integrated
read-out ASIC.
TPMI on printed
circuit board (PCB)
with mirror optics.
No external
components are
required. The PCB,
however, allows the
possibility to add
external low pass
(integrating) filters.
The shown version
is compatible to the
PerkinElmer TPMF1
thermopile module.
Figure 1
www .perkinelmer .com/optoelectr onics
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TPMI™ - Thermopile Sensor Module
Thermopile Sensor Module With Integrated Signal Pr
With Integrated Signal Processing
Figure 2

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