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XC9510 Datasheet(PDF) 15 Page - Torex Semiconductor

No. de Pieza. XC9510
Descripción  Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter With Built-In LDO Regulator Plus Voltage Detector
Descarga  36 Pages
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Fabricante  TOREX [Torex Semiconductor]
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XC9510 Datasheet(HTML) 15 Page - Torex Semiconductor

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Application Information (Continued)
7. With the DC/DC converter of the IC, the peak current of the coil is controlled by the current limit circuit. Since the
peak current increases when dropout voltage or load current is high, current limit starts operating, and this can lead
to instability. When peak current becomes high, please adjust the coil inductance value and fully check the circuit
operation. In addition, please calculate the peak current according to the following formula:
Peak current: Ipk = (VIN - DCOUT) x OnDuty / (2 x L x Fosc) + IDOUT
8. When the peak current, which exceeds limit current flows within the specified time, the built-in driver transistor is
turned off (the integral latch circuit). During the time until it detects limit current and before the built-in transistor
can be turned off, the current for limit current flows; therefore, care must be taken when selecting the rating for the
coil or the Schottky diode.
9. When VIN is low, limit current may not be reached because of voltage falls caused by ON resistance or serial
resistance of the coil.
10. In the integral latch circuit, latch time may become longer and latch operation may not work when VIN is 3.0V or
11. Use of the IC at voltages below the recommended voltage range may lead to instability.
12. This IC and the external components should be used within the stated absolute maximum ratings in order to prevent
damage to the device.
Since the DC/DC converter and the regulator of the XC9510 series are connected in series, the sum of the output
current (IDOUT) of the DC/DC and the output current (IROUT) of the VR makes the current flows inside the DC/DC
converter. Please be careful of the power dissipation when in use. Please calculate power dissipation by using the
following formula.
DC/DC power dissipation (when in synchronous operation) : PdDC/DC = IDOUT
2 x RON
VR power dissipation: PdVR=(DCOUT – VROUT) x IROUT
RON: ON resistance of the built-in driver transistor to the DC/DC (= 0.5Ω<TYP.>)
RON=Rpon x P-chOnDuty / 100
+ Rnon x (1 – P-chOnDuty / 100)
14. The voltage detector circuit built-in the XC9510 series internally monitor the VDD pin voltage, the DC/DC output pin
voltage and VR output pin voltage. For the XC9510B/C/E/F/K/L series, which voltage detector circuit monitors the
DC/DC output pin voltage and the VR output pin voltage, please determine the detect voltage value (VDF) by the
following equation.
VDF≦(Setting voltage on both the DCOUT voltage and the VROUT voltage)×85%*
* An assumed value of tolerance among the DCOUT voltage, the VROUT voltage, and the VD release voltage
(The VD detect voltage and hysteresis range).
NOTES ON USE (Continued)

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