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GSCLP2951 Datasheet(PDF) 3 Page - GTM CORPORATION

No. de Pieza. GSCLP2951
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GSCLP2951 Datasheet(HTML) 3 Page - GTM CORPORATION

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ISSUED DATE :2005/11/30
Note 1: Output or reference voltage temperature coefficient is defined as the worst case voltage change divided by the total temperature
Note 2: Unless otherwise specified all limits guaranteed for Tj=25 : , Vin =Vo+1V, IL=100uA and CL=1uF. Additional conditions are
feedback tied to GSCLP2951-XX tap and output tied to Sense (Vout=XX V) and Vshutdown 0.8V.
Note 3: Regulations is measured at constant junction temperature, using pulse testing with a low duty cycle. Changes in output voltage
due to heating effects are covered under the specification for thermal regulation.
Note 4: Line regulation for GSCLP2951-XX is tested at 150 : for IL=1mA. For IL=100uA and Tj=125 : , line regulation is guaranteed by
design to 0.2%. See typical performance characteristics for line regulation versus temperature and load current.
Note 5: Dropout voltage is defined as the input to output differential at which the output voltage drops 100mV below its nominal value
measured at 1V differential. At very low values of programmed output voltage, the minimum input supply voltage of 2V (2.3V over
temperature) must be taken into account.
Note 6: Vref Vout (Vin-1V), 2.3V Vin 30V, 100uA IL 100mA, Tj Tjmax.
Note 7: Comparator thresholds are expressed in terms of a voltage differential at the feedback terminal below the nominal reference
voltage measured at Vo + 1V input. To express these thresholds in terms of output voltage change, multiply by the error amplifier
gain = Vout/Vref = (R1+R2)/R2. For example, at a programmed output voltage of 5V, the error output is guaranteed to go low when
the output drops by 95mV x 5V/1.235V=384mV. Thresholds remain constant as a percent of Vout as Vout is varied, with the
dropout warning occurring at typical 5% below nominal, 7.5% guaranteed.
Note 8: Vshutdown 2V, Vin 30V, Vout=0, Feed-back pin tied to –XX V Tap.
Characteristics Curve
Fig 3. Dropout Voltage
Fig 4. Ground Pin Current
Fig 1. Dropout Characteristics
Fig 2. Input Current

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