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AQ1541 Datasheet(PDF) 6 Page - Acutechnology Semiconductor

No. de Pieza. AQ1541
Descripción  Low Dropout 1 Amp Voltage Regulator with Enable Function
Descarga  10 Pages
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Fabricante  ACUTECH [Acutechnology Semiconductor]
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AQ1541 Datasheet(HTML) 6 Page - Acutechnology Semiconductor

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Acutechnology Semiconductor Inc.
Rev. 2.2 September 13, 2005
Application Notes
1. Typical Application
1. Output voltage is 1.22V * (R2 +R1)/R1
2. Input and output capacitors should be located close to the device.
3. The AQ1541 will remain stable with C1 and C2 as low as 1.0µF. Overall transient
performance is improved with increased capacitance.
4. The output is fully enabled when EN is 800 mV above the expected output. EN should
not be pulled substantially above Vin. EN may be driven by either a digital or analog
signal to control either turn-on time or to give full control of risetime.
2. Stability
An input capacitor is recommended. A 1.0µF capacitor on the input is a suitable input
bypassing for almost all applications. A larger capacitor is also suitable. In the adjustable
version the “adjust” terminal can be bypassed to ground with a bypass capacitor (CADJ) to
improve ripple rejection. This bypass capacitor prevents ripple from being amplified as the
output voltage is increased. At any ripple frequency, the impedance of the CADJ should be
less than R1 (being R1 the resistor between the output and the adjust pin) to prevent the
ripple from being amplified:
Z = 1/(2π*fRIPPLE* CADJ) < R1
R1 is normally in the range of 1KΩ.
The output capacitor is critical in maintaining regular stability. The AQ1541 is stable with an
output capacitor greater than 1uF. Of course any increase of the output capacitor will merely
improve the loop stability and the load transient response. In the case of the adjustable
regulator, when the CADJ is used, a larger output capacitance may be required. Tantalum
Capacitors exhibit the best stability over a wide range of loads and are recommended.
3. Output Voltage
The AQ1541 adjustable version develops a 1.22V reference voltage between the output and
the adjust pin terminal. This voltage is applied across the resistor R1 to generate a constant

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