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UC1825AL883B Datasheet(Hoja de datos) 10 Page - Texas Instruments

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No. de Pieza. UC1825AL883B
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Fabricante  TI [Texas Instruments]
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UC1823A,UC2823A, UC2823B,
Each totem pole output of the UC3823A and UC3823AB, UC3825A, and UC3825B can deliver a 2-A peak current into a
capacitive load. The output can slew a 1000-pF capacitor by 15 V in approximately 20 ns. Separate collector supply (VC)
and power ground (PGND) pins help decouple the device’s analog circuitry from the high-power gate drive noise. The use
of 3-A Schottky diodes (1N5120, USD245, or equivalent) as shown in the Figure 13 from each output to both VC and PGND
are recommended. The diodes clamp the output swing to the supply rails, necessary with any type of inductive/capacitive
load, typical of a MOSFET gate. Schottky diodes must be used because a low forward voltage drop is required. DO NOT
USE standard silicon diodes.
Although they are single-ended devices, two output drivers are available on the UC3823A and UC3823B devices. These
can be paralleled by the use of a 0.5
Ω (noninductive) resistor connected in series with each output for a combined peak
current of 4 A.
Figure 12. Power MOSFET Drive Circuit
Each output driver of these devices is capable of 2-A peak currents. Careful layout is essential for correct operation of the
chip. A ground plane must be employed. A unique section of the ground plane must be designated for high di/dt currents
associated with the output stages. This point is the power ground to which the PGND pin is connected. Power ground can
be separated from the rest of the ground plane and connected at a single point, although this is not necessary if the high
di/dt paths are well understood and accounted for. VCC should be bypassed directly to power ground with a good high
frequency capacitor. The sources of the power MOSFET should connect to power ground as should the return connection
for input power to the system and the bulk input capacitor. The output should be clamped with a high current Schottky diode
to both VCC and PGND. Nothing else should be connected to power ground.
VREF should be bypassed directly to the signal portion of the ground plane with a good high frequency capacitor. Low
ESR/ESL ceramic 1-mF capacitors are recommended for both VCC and VREF. All analog circuitry should likewise be
bypassed to the signal ground plane.

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