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MCR10EZHF470 Datasheet(PDF) 6 Page - Renesas Technology Corp

No. de Pieza. MCR10EZHF470
Descripción  Sample Program (Remote Control Transmission/Reception)
Descarga  18 Pages
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Fabricante  RENESAS [Renesas Technology Corp]
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MCR10EZHF470 Datasheet(HTML) 6 Page - Renesas Technology Corp

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REJ05B0814-0110 Rev.1.10
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M16C/26A Group
Sample Program (Remote Control Transmission/Reception)
Definition of the RSK Functionality and the RSK_LIB APIs and Common Functions Used by
Remote Control Transmission/Reception
7.1 Definition of the RSK Functionality
RSKdefine.h file
In this application, the following functionalities (those shown in red) are set.
Individual definition of each selected functionality
The boot information on CPU is defined
Usually, this mode is used
#define _CPU_M16C26A_NORMAL_MOD
/* Use in low power mode can be performed. */
//#define _CPU_M16C26A_32KHZ_MOD
/* Use of access of a flash can be performed. */
//#define _CPU_M16C26A_DATAFLASF_USE
The hardware function which RSK supports is chosen
#define _USE_KEY
#define _USE_BUZZER
//#define _OPTION_USE_AD
//#define _OPTION_USE_COM_RX
//#define _OPTION_USE_COM_TX
//#define _OPTION_USE_SW
//#define _OPTION_USE_LED
//#define _OPTION_USE_IO
#if defined _USE_KEY
/* A key matrix continues pushing and existence is defined.*/
/*When not using
-USE_KEY_CONTINU is made a comment. */
#if defined _USE_KEY_CONTINU
#define _CONTINU_SW1
#define _CONTINU_SW2
#define _CONTINU_SW3
#define _CONTINU_SW4
#define _CONTINU_SW5
#define _CONTINU_SW6
#define _CONTINU_SW7
#define _CONTINU_SW8
#define _CONTINU_SW9
#define _CONTINU_SW10
#define _CONTINU_SW11
#define _CONTINU_SW12
#define _CONTINU_SW13
#define _CONTINU_SW14
#define _CONTINU_SW15
#define _CONTINU_SW16
Continuous key depressions are accepted.

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