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STF701 Datasheet(PDF) 4 Page - Semtech Corporation

No. de Pieza. STF701
Descripción  T-Filter with TVS Diode Array For EMI Filtering and ESD Protection
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Fabricante  SEMTECH [Semtech Corporation]
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STF701 Datasheet(HTML) 4 Page - Semtech Corporation

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ã 2000 Semtech Corp.
Figure 1 - STF701 Circuit Diagram
Figure 2 - STF701 Connection Diagram
Device Connection for Protection of Two Data Lines
The STF701 is designed to provide EMI filtering and
ESD protection for two I/O lines. The equivalent circuit
diagram is shown in Figure 1. The device is connected
as follows:
1. Line 1 is connected at pins 1 & 5 and line 2 is
connected at pins 3 & 4 (Figure 2). The device is
symmetrical so input & output connections can be
made on either side of the device. Pin 2 is con-
nected to ground. The ground connection should
be made directly to the ground plane for best
results. The path length is kept as short as pos-
sible to reduce the effects of parasitic inductance
in the board traces.
Voltage Clamping Characteristics.
The clamping characteristics of the STF701 are opti-
mized by the use of two TVS diodes in the protection
circuit (Figure 3). An ESD strike on the protected line
will be initially suppressed by the first TVS diode. The
voltage across the TVS will be the clamping voltage of
the device (V
C1) given by:
C1 = Vbr + RD * IPP
br = Breakdown voltage of the TVS
D = Dynamic resistance of the TVS
PP = Peak pulse (ESD) current
The dynamic resistance of the TVS is very small,
typically < 0.5W.
The second TVS will be subjected to V
C1 through the
voltage divider formed by the series resistor (R) and
the dynamic resistance of the TVS. Since R >> RD
then by the voltage divider theorem, the voltage seen
by the protected IC will be a few millivolts above the
breakdown voltage (V
br) of the second TVS.
Figure 3 - STF701 Clamping Characteristics
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