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AM1M-NZ_13 Datasheet(Hoja de datos) 3 Page - AIMTEC

No. de Pieza. AM1M-NZ_13
Descripción  1 Watt | DC-DC Converter
Descarga  3 Pages
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Fabricante  AIMTEC [AIMTEC]
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Series AM1M-NZ
1 Watt | DC-DC Converter
Tel: +1 514 620 2722
Toll free: + 1 888 9 AIMTEC
(924 6832)
F 051e R8.C
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North America only
Minimum Load Requirement
In order for this module to operate efficiently and reliably a minimum load of no less than 10% of its maximum needs to be
maintained at all times during operation.
NOTE: this converter should never be operated under no load. If it is required to operate the converter with less than 10%
load it is recommended to install a resistor in parallel with the application load to draw additional current from the converter
output to maintain the minimum load condition, or use a converter rated at a lower power.
Recommended Filter Circuit
If it is required to decrease the input/output ripple, an “LC” filtering network may be connected to the input and output of the
converter, see above.
It should be noted that the inductance and the resonant frequency of the “LC” filtering network should differ from the DC/DC
converter switching frequency to avoid mutual interference.
The capacitance of the output filter capacitor must not exceed the values in the Table below to avoid startup problems and
ensure safe and reliable operation.
It’s not recommended to connect any external capacitor in the application field when output loading is less than 0.5 watt.
External Capacitor Tables
Input Capacitor (Cin)
Output Capacitor (Cout)
NOTE: 1. Datasheets are updated as needed and as such, specifications are subject to change without notice. Once printed or downloaded, datasheets are no longer controlled
by Aimtec; refer to for the most current product specifications.
2. Product labels shown, including safety agency certifications on labels, may vary based on the
date manufactured.
3. Mechanical drawings and specifications are for reference only. 4. All specifications are measured at an ambient temperature of 25°C, humidity<75%,
nominal input voltage and at rated output load unless otherwise specified.
5. Aimtec may not have conducted destructive testing or chemical analysis on all internal components
and chemicals at the time of publishing this document. CAS numbers and other limited information are considered proprietary and may not be available for release.
6. This
product is not designed for use in critical life support systems, equipment used in hazardous environments, nuclear control systems or other such applications which necessitate
specific safety and regulatory standards other the ones listed in this datasheet.
7. Warranty is in accordance with Aimtec’s standard Terms of Sale available at
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