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TPS62240DRVRG4 Datasheet(PDF) 14 Page - Texas Instruments

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No. de Pieza. TPS62240DRVRG4
Descripción  2.25 MHz 300 mA Step Down Converter in 2x2SON/TSOT23 Package
Descarga  29 Pages
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Fabricante  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
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TPS62240DRVRG4 Datasheet(HTML) 14 Page - Texas Instruments

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VOUT nominal
100% Duty Cycle Low Dropout Operation
TPS62240, TPS62242, TPS62243
Figure 26. Power Save Mode
The device starts to enter 100% duty cycle mode once the input voltage comes close to the nominal output
voltage. In order to maintain the output voltage, the High Side MOSFET switch is turned on 100% for one or
more cycles.
With further decreasing VIN the High Side MOSFET switch is turned on completely. In this case the converter
offers a low input-to-output voltage difference. This is particularly useful in battery-powered applications to
achieve longest operation time by taking full advantage of the entire battery voltage range.
The minimum input voltage to maintain regulation depends on the load current and output voltage, and can be
calculated as:
VINmin = VOmax + IOmax × DSo(n)max + RL)
IOmax = maximum output current plus inductor ripple current
RDS(on)max = maximum P-channel switch RDS(on).
RL = DC resistance of the inductor
VOmax = nominal output voltage plus maximum output voltage tolerance
The undervoltage lockout circuit prevents the device from malfunctioning at low input voltages and from
excessive discharge of the battery and disables the output stage of the converter. The undervoltage lockout
threshold is typically 1.85V with falling VIN.
The MODE pin allows mode selection between forced PWM mode and Power Save Mode.
Connecting this pin to GND enables the Power Save Mode with an automatic transition between PWM and PFM
mode. Pulling the MODE pin high forces the converter to operate in fixed frequency PWM mode even at light
load currents. This allows simple filtering of the switching frequency for noise sensitive applications. In this mode,
the efficiency is lower compared to the Power Save Mode during light loads.
The condition of the MODE pin can be changed during operation and allows efficient power management by
adjusting the operation mode of the converter to the specific system requirements.
The device is enabled by setting the EN pin to high. During the start up time tStart Up, the internal circuits are
settled and the soft start circuit is activated. The EN input can be used to control power sequencing in a system
with various dc/dc converters. The EN pin can be connected to the output of another converter, to drive the EN
pin high and getting a sequencing of supply rails. With EN pin = GND, the device enters shutdown mode in which
all circuits are disabled. In fixed output voltage versions, the internal resistor divider network is then disconnected
from FB pin.
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Copyright © 2007, Texas Instruments Incorporated
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