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FP0-A04V Datasheet(Hoja de datos) 11 Page - Panasonic Semiconductor

No. de Pieza. FP0-A04V
Descripción  Programmable Controllers
Descarga  24 Pages
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Fabricante  PANASONIC [Panasonic Semiconductor]
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 11 page
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FP positioning unit RTEX
Configuration example: 16 axes + I/O (256)
Pulser input
Network port
FP dedicated expansion unit
(Max. of 4 units in combination
with positioning unit)
Positioning unit
(Max. 2 units)
Control unit
FP /FP0 common
expansion unit
(Max. 3 units)
Monitor LEDs
Status display
Link status
Error display
Pulser input status
Configuration example: 8 axes x 14 modules = 112 axes
Master backplane
Expansion backplane
FP2/FP2SH Positioning unit RTEX
Network port
Pulser input
Network port
Monitor LEDs
Status display
Link status
Error display
Pulser input status
Network port
The RTEX positioning units support Minas A4N network servo drives. A mutually optimized system consisting of PLC and servo
drive greatly simplifies installation.
Maximum number of control axes: 16 axes. Realization of highly accurate 2-axis circular interpolation, 3-axis linear

interpolation and 3-axis spiral interpolation with high-speed 100Mbps communication.
With 3 types in the product range, for 2 axes, 4 axes and 8 axes, provides flexible support even for control of small

numbers of axes.
By using loop wiring Realtime Express* provides high reliability by creating smooth communication conditions with

the data flow always in the same direction.
* Matsushita Electric Industrial network servo systems
System configuration:
2-axis type
4-axis type
8-axis type
Part number FP
∑ (Sigma) / FP2
Positioning control
Control method
PTP Control, Cursor Path (CP) Control
Interpolation control
2-axis/3-axis linear interpolation, 2-axis circular interpolation,
3-axis spiral interpolation
Control units
Position data
600 points for each axis
Parameters and data file can be saved to FROM
Linear acceleration/deceleration/S-curve acceleration/deceleration
0 to 10,000ms (1ms units) different settings for acceleration and deceleration
are possible
Positioning area
(-1,073,741,823 to 1,073,741,823 pulse) increment and absolute specification
Speed control functions
Supported with JOG operation (free run operation)
Origin functions
Search method
Origin proximity (DOG) search
Creep speed
Free settings possible
Other functions
Pulser input operation support
Auxiliary output code, auxiliary output contact support
Dwell time support
Communication speed
Commercially available LAN straight cable (shielded category 5e)
Connection method
Ring method
Communication cycle/no. of terminals
0.5ms; max. 8 axes/system (command cycle: 1ms)
Transmission distance
Between terminals: 60m; total length: 200m
Precise positioning
S (Sigma) RTEX expansion units
RTEX multi-axis network servo system

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