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AT29BV040A Datasheet(Hoja de datos) 4 Page - ATMEL Corporation

No. de Pieza. AT29BV040A
Descripción  4 Megabit 512K x 8 Single 2.7-volt Battery-Voltage CMOS Flash Memory
Descarga  14 Pages
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Fabricante  ATMEL [ATMEL Corporation]
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and valid data will be read. Examining the toggle bit may begin at any time during a pro-
gram cycle.
The entire device may be erased by using a
6-byte software code. Please see Software Chip Erase application note for details.
The AT29BV040A has two designated
memory blocks that have a programming lockout feature. This feature prevents pro-
gramming of data in the designated block once the feature has been enabled. Each of
these blocks consists of 16K bytes; the programming lockout feature can be set inde-
pendently for either block. While the lockout feature does not have to be activated, it can
be activated for either or both blocks.
These two 16K memory sections are referred to as boot blocks. Secure code which will
bring up a system can be contained in a boot block. The AT29BV040A blocks are
located in the first 16K bytes of memory and the last 16K bytes of memory. The boot
block programming lockout feature can therefore support systems that boot from the
lower addresses of memory or the higher addresses. Once the programming lockout
feature has been activated, the data in that block can no longer be erased or pro-
grammed; data in other memory locations can still be changed through the regular
programming methods. To activate the lockout feature, a series of seven program com-
mands to specific addresses with specific data must be performed. Please see Boot
Block Lockout Feature Enable Algorithm.
If the boot block lockout feature has been activated on either block, the chip erase func-
tion will be disabled.
A software method is available to determine
whether programming of either boot block section is locked out. See Software Product
Identification Entry and Exit sections. When the device is in the software product identifi-
cation mode, a read from location 00002H will show if programming the lower address
boot block is locked out while reading location 7FFF2H will do so for the upper boot
block. If the data is FE, the corresponding block can be programmed; if the data is FF,
the program lockout feature has been activated and the corresponding block cannot be
programmed. The software product identification exit mode should be used to return to
standard operation.
Absolute Maximum Ratings*
Temperature Under Bias............................... -55
° C to +125° C
Stresses beyond those listed under “Absolute
Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent dam-
age to the device. This is a stress rating only and
functional operation of the device at these or any
other conditions beyond those indicated in the
operational sections of this specification is not
implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating
conditions for extended periods may affect
device reliability.
Storage Temperature .................................... -65
° C to +150° C
All Input Voltages (including NC Pins)
with Respect to Ground ...................................-0.6V to +6.25V
All Output Voltages
with Respect to Ground .............................-0.6V to VCC + 0.6V
Voltage on A9 (including NC Pins)
with Respect to Ground ...................................-0.6V to +13.5V

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