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PI2EQX3201BL Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - Pericom Semiconductor Corporation

No. de Pieza. PI2EQX3201BL
Descripción  3.0Gbps 2 Differential Channel SATA i/m ReDriver with Equalization, De-emphasis and OOB
Descarga  5 Pages
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Fabricante  PERICOM [Pericom Semiconductor Corporation]
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PI2EQX3201BL Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - Pericom Semiconductor Corporation

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Altera Corporation
MAX 7000A Programmable Logic Device Data Sheet
MAX 7000A devices use CMOS EEPROM cells to implement logic
functions. The user-configurable MAX 7000A architecture accommodates
a variety of independent combinatorial and sequential logic functions.
The devices can be reprogrammed for quick and efficient iterations
during design development and debug cycles, and can be programmed
and erased up to 100 times.
MAX 7000A devices contain from 32 to 512 macrocells that are combined
into groups of 16 macrocells, called logic array blocks (LABs). Each
macrocell has a programmable-AND/fixed-OR array and a configurable
register with independently programmable clock, clock enable, clear, and
preset functions. To build complex logic functions, each macrocell can be
supplemented with both shareable expander product terms and high-
speed parallel expander product terms, providing up to 32 product terms
per macrocell.
MAX 7000A devices provide programmable speed/power optimization.
Speed-critical portions of a design can run at high speed/full power,
while the remaining portions run at reduced speed/low power. This
speed/power optimization feature enables the designer to configure one
or more macrocells to operate at 50% or lower power while adding only a
nominal timing delay. MAX 7000A devices also provide an option that
reduces the slew rate of the output buffers, minimizing noise transients
when non-speed-critical signals are switching. The output drivers of all
MAX 7000A devices can be set for 2.5 V or 3.3 V, and all input pins are
2.5-V, 3.3-V, and 5.0-V tolerant, allowing MAX 7000A devices to be used
in mixed-voltage systems.
MAX 7000A devices are supported by Altera development systems,
which are integrated packages that offer schematic, text—including
VHDL, Verilog HDL, and the Altera Hardware Description Language
(AHDL)—and waveform design entry, compilation and logic synthesis,
simulation and timing analysis, and device programming. The software
provides EDIF 2 0 0 and 3 0 0, LPM, VHDL, Verilog HDL, and other
interfaces for additional design entry and simulation support from other
industry-standard PC- and UNIX-workstation-based EDA tools. The
software runs on Windows-based PCs, as well as Sun SPARCstation, and
HP 9000 Series 700/800 workstations.
f For more information on development tools, see the MAX+PLUS II
Programmable Logic Development System & Software Data Sheet and the
Quartus Programmable Logic Development System & Software Data Sheet.

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