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SL2524C Datasheet(Hoja de datos) 5 Page - Mitel Networks Corporation

No. de Pieza. SL2524C
Descripción  1.3GHz Dual Wideband Logarithmic Amplifier
Descarga  17 Pages
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Fabricante  MITEL [Mitel Networks Corporation]
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The SL2524 is primarily intended for use in Radar and EW
receivers. Six stages (3 chip carriers) can be cascaded to form
a very wideband logarithmic ampifier offering >65dB of input
dynamic range, with pulse handling of better than 25ns. (See
figs 5 and 6.)
A six stange strip also offers balanced IF limiting, linearity
(log accuracy) of <
±1.0dB, temperature stabilisation and
programmable detector characteristics.
The detector has an external resistor set (R
SET) pin which
allows the major characteristics of the detector to be
programmed. With six stage strip it is possible to vary the
value of R
SET on each detector and so improve the overall log
The detector is full wave and good slew rates are achieved
with 2ns rise and 5ns fall times (no video filter). The video
bandwidth of a six stage strip is typically 600MHz (-3dB).
The amplifier also offers balanced IF limiting, low phase
shift versus input amplitude, and at an IF of 120MHz, less than
° of phase change is achievable over the input level of
-55dBm to +5dBm.
The IF and Video ports can be used simultaneously, so
offering phase, frequency and pulse (video) information. A
slight loss of dynamic range (2dB) will be observed when the
IF ports are used in conjunction with the video.
Fig.4 Test circuit
Fig.5 Schematic diagram showing configuration of SD Log strip

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