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UCD90240 Datasheet(Hoja de datos) 12 Page - Texas Instruments

No. de Pieza. UCD90240
Descripción  UCD90240 24-Rail PMBus Power Sequencer and System Manager
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Fabricante  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
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7 Detailed Description
7.1 Device Overview
Electronic systems that include CPU, DSP, microcontroller, FPGA, ASIC, etc. can have multiple voltage rails and
require certain power on/off sequences in order to function correctly. The UCD90240 can control up to 24 voltage
rails and ensure correct power sequences during normal condition and fault conditions.
In addition to sequencing, UCD90240 can continuously monitor rail voltages, currents, temperatures, fault
conditions, and report the system health information to upper computers through PMBus, improving systems’
long term reliability.
Also, UCD90240 can protect electronic systems by responding to power system faults. The fault responses are
conveniently configured by users through Fusion GUI. Fault events are stored in on-chip nonvolatile flash
memory in order to assist failure analysis. A Black Box Fault Log feature stores comprehensive system statuses
at the moment when the first fault occurs. With this feature, failure analysis can be more effective.
System reliability can be improved through four-corner testing during system verification. During four-corner
testing, each voltage rail is required to operate at the minimum and maximum output voltages, commonly known
as margining. UCD90240 can perform accurate closed-loop margining for up to 24 voltage rails. During normal
operation, UCD90240 can also actively trim DC output voltages using the same margining circuitry. This feature
allows tuning rail voltages to an optimal level.
UCD90240 supports both PMBus- and pin-based control environments. UCD90240 functions as a PMBus slave.
It can communicate with upper computers with PMBus commands, and control voltage rails accordingly. In
addition to rail enable (EN) pins, up to 24 GPIO pins can be configured as GPOs and directly controlled by
PMBus commands. Also, UCD90240 can be controlled by up to 24 GPIO configured GPI pins. The GPIs can be
used as fault inputs which can shut down rails. The GPIs can be also used as Boolean logic input to control the
12 Logic GPO outputs. Each of the 12 dedicated Logic GPO pins has a flexible Boolean logic builder. Input
signals of the Boolean logic builder can include GPIs, other GPOs, and selectable system flags such as
POWER_GOOD, faults, warnings, etc. A simple state machine is also available for each Logic GPO pin.
UCD90240 provides additional features such as cascading, pin-selected states, system watchdog, system reset,
runtime clock, peak value log, reset counter, and so on. Cascading feature offers convenient ways to cascade up
to four UCD90240 devices and manage up to 96 voltage rails via one Sync Clock pin connection. Pin-selected
states feature allows users to define up to 8 rail states. These states can implement system low-power modes as
set out in the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) specification. Other UCD90240 features will
be introduced in the following sections of this data sheet.
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