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UCD90240 Datasheet(Hoja de datos) 15 Page - Texas Instruments

No. de Pieza. UCD90240
Descripción  UCD90240 24-Rail PMBus Power Sequencer and System Manager
Descarga  49 Pages
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Fabricante  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
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Feature Description (continued)
Figure 3. Rail Voltage Configuration Window (Configure
►Vout Config tab).
If a MON pin is assigned in Figure 1 to monitor a rail’s voltage, a warning/fault event will occur when the
monitored rail voltage exceeds the voltage window defined by the Over and Under Warn/Fault thresholds. When
a fault is detected, UCD90240 will respond with user-defined actions. More details will be discussed in the
Vout Exponent defines the voltage value resolution according to PMBus linear data format. Fusion GUI can
automatically select optimal Vout Exponent value to cover the required voltage range with the finest possible
resolution. For more information regarding PMBus linear data format, refer to PMBus specification mentioned at
the beginning of this section.
On/Off Config defines the turnon and turnoff command of a rail:
None (Auto enable). Rail always seeks to turn on.
CONTROL Pin Only. Rail seeks to turn on and turn off according to PMBus CONTROL line.
OPERATION Only. Rail seeks to turn on and turn off according to PMBus OPERATION command.
Both CONTROL pin and OPERATION. Rail seeks to turn on when CONTROL pin is asserted, AND PMBus
OPERATION command sets the rail to On. Rail seeks to turn off when OPERATION command sets the rail to
Off, OR when CONTROL line is deasserted, or both.
After a turn on or turn off command is received, a rail examines a series of conditions before asserting or
deasserting its EN pin. Conditions include Rail Sequence On/Off Dependency, GPI Sequence On/Off
Dependency, Turn-On/Off Delay, and so on. They will be discussed in the RAIL SEQUENCE CONFIGURATION
Fixed percentage voltages setpoint, when checked, configures a rail into AVS mode (Adaptive Voltage Scaling
Technology). The VOUT setpoint may be dynamically set by PMBus during operation in order to achieve energy
saving. The warn and fault voltage thresholds of the rail will maintain fixed ratios with respect to the VOUT
setpoint. Due to the fact that the power supply and UCD90240 may not change Vout setpoint simultaneously or
with the same slew rate, UCD90240 will take the following steps to avoid false-triggering warn/fault. If the new
VOUT setpoint is higher than the current VOUT setpoint, the OV warn/fault thresholds will be immediately set to
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