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0-1432445-1 Datasheet(Hoja de datos) 5 Page - Tyco Electronics

No. de Pieza. 0-1432445-1
Descripción  Limiting continuous current 32 A at 85°C
Descarga  6 Pages
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Fabricante  MACOM [Tyco Electronics]
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VKP (Open – Sealed)
PCB Relays
Single Relays
Catalog 1308028-2
Revised 6-2009
All specifications subject to change. Consult Tyco Electronics for latest specifications.
Application Information
Load Polarity: VKP series relays for flashing lamp applications are constructed
with special AgSnO movable contacts and standard AgSnO stationary contacts.
This causes the relay to be sensitive to the polarity of the load voltage. This type
of VKP relay must be mechanized in the circuit such that the more positive con-
nection is made to the movable contact (identified as terminal 4 in the wiring
diagrams). Failure to do so will nullify the benefit of the special AgSnO contact
material and will result in significantly reduced relay life.
Typical Applications: Typical applications: VKP series relays for flashing lamp
applications are typically used for turn signals, hazard warning, emergency vehi-
cle, and security system applications. They may also be suitable for high in-rush
current capacitive loads such as audio amplifiers. Use on inductive loads or loads
with high continuous load currents should be avoided. The relay should also not
be used in applications, which do not have a significant make current, as high
contact voltage drop may result.
Note: The VKP-***72 series relay with special AgSnO contact material replaces
the VKP-XXX32 standard current and the VKP-***62 high current PdCu/AgNi0.15
contact relays.
High Current Relays: VKP-***72 series relays for flashing lamp applications are
generally suitable for passenger car, light truck with or without special trailering
requirements, and medium duty truck, and emergency vehicle applications. They
are also generally suitable for security system applications for flashing lamps
and for most audio amplifier applications. This relay is also recommended for
alternating flasher applications, such as emergency vehicles. This version has
much improved performance on the normally open contacts, so optimum life can
be attained for alternating applications by using two normally open relays and
powering the coils alternately.
Electrical Life Test Information
High current relays: 3 bulb T/S system, combined turn signal and hazard
warning with special trailering (test requirements):
3 bulb
2.1 million operations
6 bulb
194 K operations
7 bulb
259 K operations
14 bulb
497 K operations
3.0 million operations
This application represents about the limit of the performance capability of the
"Flashing Lamp” type VKP relay. It should be noted that the low current operations
have very little effect on the product life where as the 14 bulb (only) loads can be
expected to fail at less than 1 million operations.
Note: Bulb as used here is a 27 Watt turn signal bulb, trade #1156. Testing
includes operations at –40°C, 23°C, and 85°C.
Design Considerations: It should be noted that although the VKP series relays
are capable of handling relatively high currents, when applying the product under
high current and high ambient temperature conditions, providing adequate con-
ductor volume is critical, as is the solder connection, particularly with respect to
the normally open contact terminal. It may be necessary to use high temperature
solder, a plated through hole PCB, or copper lead frame type construction under
these conditions to prevent failure of the solder joint.

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