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0-853400-1 Datasheet(Hoja de datos) 4 Page - TE Connectivity Ltd

No. de Pieza. 0-853400-1
Descripción  Cumulative Trauma Disorders can result from the prolonged use of manually powered hand tools.
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Fabricante  TEC [TE Connectivity Ltd]
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When crimping, make sure to hold the modular
plug in the fully seated position to prevent the
modular plug from pushing out during the
termination procedure.
4. Depress the modular plug locking latch (if
applicable), and remove terminated modular plug
assembly from the tool.
5. Inspect the modular plug assembly for proper
crimp height using a dial indicator or digital indicator
with needle-point probes. Refer to Figure 6 for a
typical terminated modular plug, proper crimp height
dimension, and required location of the conductors.
A visual inspection through the plastic housing of
the modular plug should reveal whether the
conductors are within acceptable range.
For specific information concerning inspection
requirements, refer to 114-6016 for standard and
blue (small conductor) modular plugs and 114-6053
for high performance modular plugs.
Figure 6
Crimp Height Gage 904170-1 is available to be used
as a quick verification of acceptable crimp height.
Refer to 408-4389 for instructions on using the gage.
See Figure 7. The gage cannot be used for 4-position
handset or 6-position offset modular plugs.
Figure 7
Once a termination has been made, DO NOT
re-terminate the modular plug. Replace damaged
modular plugs with new ones.
5.1. Changing Die Set
1. Squeeze the tool handles until the ratchet releases.
2. Using a small flat blade screwdriver or
cross-recessed screwdriver, turn the die holding
screw counterclockwise, and remove it.
3. Using the screwdriver, push the die set out of the
4. Insert the die set with the color dots facing
outward as shown in Figure 1.
5. Close the tool handles. Re-install the die holding
screw. Turn the screw clockwise until it is tight.
5.2. Adjusting Flat Oval Cable Stripper (Figure 8)
If the cable jacket is cut too shallow and does not strip
properly from the conductor bundle or if it is cut too
deeply and the conductor insulation is also cut, adjust
the flat oval cable stripper on the tool according to the
The die set must be in the tool when adjusting the
flat oval cable stripper.
1. Close the tool handles until the dies bottom, but
DO NOT release the handles.
2. Loosen the two screws that hold the movable
blade assembly.
3. Insert Blade Set-Up Gage 231667-2 (available
separately and part of Blade Replacement Kit
231662-4) or a 1.02 [.040] shim between the stationary
and movable blades. Slide the movable blade against
the gage or shim, and tighten the screws.
The recommended shim thickness does not
account for a larger than normal conductor
insulation. Adjust the blade gap according to
specific needs.
5.3. Replacing Flat Oval Cable Stripper Blades (Figure 8)
If the flat oval cable stripper blades are worn or
damaged, replace the fixed blade assembly and
movable blade assembly according to the following.
1. Remove the four screws holding both blades in
place. Remove the fixed blade assembly and
movable blade assembly from the tool.
2. Position the new blades onto the tool with the
beveled edges facing inward.
3. Install and tighten the screws. Adjust the flat oval
cable stripper according to Paragraph 5.2.
(Reference Zone)
Standard and
Blue (Small Conductor)
0.00-0.64 [.000-.025]
Against End of
Wire Circuits
High Performance
0.00-0.25 [.000-.010]
Terminated Modular Plug Inspection
(Cross-Section Shown)
A (See Table)
B (See Table)
Note: Not to Scale
6.02±0.13 [.237±.005]
Modular Plug
Crimp Height

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