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408-10266 Datasheet(PDF) 4 Page - Tyco Electronics

No. de Pieza. 408-10266
Descripción  Insert the shank of the nest into the yoke and tighten the set screw.
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Fabricante  MACOM [Tyco Electronics]
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408-10266 Datasheet(HTML) 4 Page - Tyco Electronics

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PIDG Terminal Crimping Die 2063361-1
Rev A
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Tyco Electronics Corporation
All Tyco Electronics dies are thoroughly inspected
before being shipped from the factory, however, since
there is a possibility of die damage during shipment,
Tyco Electronics recommends that new dies be
inspected in accordance with Section 3 when
received in your plant.
3.1. Cleaning
Do not allow deposits of dirt, grease, and foreign
matter to accumulate in the die closure area and on
the bottoming surfaces of the dies. These deposits
may prevent the dies from bottoming fully and may
also cause excessive wear in the die closure
surfaces, thereby affecting the quality of the crimp.
The dies should be wiped clean frequently with a
clean, soft cloth.
3.2. Visual Inspection
Visually inspect the die closure surfaces for broken,
chipped, or pitted conditions. Although dies may gage
within permissible limits, worn or damaged die closure
surfaces are objectionable and can affect the quality
of the crimp. Examples of possible damaged die
surfaces are shown in Figure 4.
3.3. Die Closure Inspection
Every Tyco Electronics die set is inspected and tested
for proper die closure before being shipped from the
factory. An inspection should, however, be performed
periodically to measure the die closure.
The die closure inspection is accomplished using the
GO, NO–GO plug gages. A suggested plug gage
design of the GO, NO–GO dimensions of the plug
gage members are provided in Figure 5.
The following procedure is recommended for
measuring the die closures:
1. Remove traces of oil or dirt from the die
crimping areas, and plug gage members.
2. Turn both insulation adjustment spacers of the
moving die so that they fit into the notch in the side
of the die. See Figure 1. The die is now set in the
No. 3 or loose position. This will provide access to
the wire barrel dies for plug gaging.
3. Insert both dies in the tool die holders.
Figure 4
Chipped Edge
Broken Corner
4. Some dies need to be removed from the hand
tool to gage the wire barrel dies. The position of
the locator and the insulation die prevent gaging
the wire barrel in the tool. Remove the complete
die assembly and rotate the locator 180
°. This will
allow access to the wire barrel die. The complete
die can then be placed in a vise with light pressure
for gaging.
5. With the wire barrel dies bottomed, check the
wire barrel crimp die closure using the proper plug
gage. Hold the gage in a straight alignment with
the die closure and carefully try to insert, without
forcing the GO member, and then the NO–GO
member. See Figure 6, Detail A. The GO member
must pass completely through the insulation and
wire barrel crimp die closures.
6. The NO–GO member may enter partially, but
must not pass completely through the wire barrel
crimp die closure. See Figure 6, Detail A.
7. Remove the moving die from the tool die holder.
8. Reposition the insulation adjustment spacers in
the No. 1 position. Refer to Paragraph 2.4 for
insulation crimp position adjustment procedures.
9. Insert the moving die into the tool die holder.
10. With the wire barrel dies bottomed, check the
insulation crimp die closure using the proper plug
gage in the same manner as steps 6 and 7. See
Figure 6, Detail B.
11. If both the wire barrel and insulation die
closures meet the GO, NO–GO gage conditions,
the dies may be considered dimensionally correct.
12. If you find that the crimp die closures do not
conform with the GO, NO–GO gage conditions,
contact your local Tyco Electronics Representative.

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