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SML-S13DT Datasheet(PDF) 7 Page - Rohm

No. de pieza SML-S13DT
Descripción Electrónicos  Surface mount Lens LEDs
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Fabricante Electrónico  ROHM [Rohm]
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SML-S13DT Datasheet(HTML) 7 Page - Rohm

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[Data Sheet]
If the product is heated during the reflow under the condition of hygroscopic state,
it may vaporize and expand which will influence the performance of the product.
Therefore, the package is waterproof. Please use the product following the conditions:
・Using Conditions
Bake the product in case of below:
①The expiration date is passed.
②The color of indicator (silica gel) turned from blue to colorless or from green to pink.
・Baking Conditions
2.Application Methods
2-1.Precaution for Drive System and Off Mode
Design the circuit without the electric load exceeding the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING that
please do not apply voltage neither forward nor reverse. Especially, for the products with the
Ag-paste used in the die bonding, there’s high possibility to cause electro migration and result
 The Derating Characteristics are based on the lifetime of luminous intensity and assumption
of degradation & color change of sealing resin or reflector. About its reliability,
2-3.Operation Life Span
There’s possibility for intensity of light drop according to working conditions and environments
(applied current, surrounding temperature and humidity, corrosive gases), please call our Sales
①Longtime intensity of light life
②On mode all the time
2-4.Applied Stress on Product
No resin hardening agent such as filler is used in the sealing resin of the product.
Therefore, please pay attention to the overstress on it which may influence its reliability.
The Product is LED. We are not responsible for the usage as the diode such as Protection Chip,
result in deviation of luminous intensity, so we recommend to drive by constant current.
(Deviation of VF Value will cause deviation of current in LED.) Furthermore, for off mode,
in function failure.
please evaluate its using conditions and environment and use it after confirmed there is no problem.
staffs for inquiries about the concerned application below.
Rectifier, Switching and so on.
applies on the products. If drive by constant voltage, it may cause current deviation of the LED and
・Bake products in reel.
・Reel and embossed tape are easy to be deformed when baking,
(Even if the product is within the expiration date.)
Below 20%RH
so please try not to apply stress on it.
・Recommend bake once.
Classification Temperature
Expiration Date
Please storing in the airtight container
①Before using 5〜30℃
Within 1 year
from Receiving
Storage with waterproof package
②After opening
5〜30℃ Below 70%RH
Within 168h
with our desiccant (silica gel)
[SML-S1x series]
■Precaution (Surface Mount Device)
©2016 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved
2017.5 - Rev.006

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