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SML-S13DT Datasheet(PDF) 9 Page - Rohm

No. de Pieza. SML-S13DT
Descripción  Surface mount Lens LEDs
Descarga  12 Pages
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Fabricante  ROHM [Rohm]
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SML-S13DT Datasheet(HTML) 9 Page - Rohm

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[Data Sheet]
Stress strength according to
he mounting position:
so please pay attention to the touch on product.
We recommend the soldering pattern that shows on the right.
It will be different according to mounting situation of circuit board,
therefore, please concern before designing.
※The product has adopted the electrode structure that it should solder
with back electrode of the product.
Thus, please be informed that the shape of electrode pin of
solder fillet formation is not guaranteed.
The through hole on electrode surface is for conduction of front
 and rear electrodes but not for formation of solder fillet.
to prevent electrostatic charge.
4-3. Mounting Location
The stress like bending stress of circuit board dividing after mounting, may cause LED package crack
or damage of LED internal junction, therefore, please concern the mounting direction and position
to avoid bending or screwing with great stress of the circuit board.
4―4. Mechanical Stress after Mounting
The mechanical stress may damage the LED after Circuit Mounting,
4-5.Soldering Pattern for Recommendation
4-1. Soldering
・No resin hardening agent such as filler is used in the sealing resin of the product. Therefore, resin
expansion and moisture absorption at humidity will cause heat stress during soldering process and
finally has bad influence on the product’s reliability.
・The product is not guaranteed for flow soldering.
In case of carrying out flow soldering of surrounding parts without recommended conditions, please
contact us for inquiries.
・Please set appropriate reflow temperature based on our product usage conditions and specification.
・Do not expose the product in the environment of high temperature (over 100℃) or rapid temperature
shift (within 3℃/sec. of temperature gradient) during the flow soldering of surrounding parts.
・The max for reflowing is 2 times, please finish the second reflow soldering and flow soldering
with other parts within the usage limitation after open the moistureproof package.
[SML-S1x series]
・Compare with N2 reflow, during air reflow, because of the heat and surrounding conditions,
it may cause the discoloration of the resin.
・For our product that has no solder resist, because of its solder amount and soldering conditions,
the mounter to control the product stabilization. In addition, it is recommended to set ionizer
 one of its specific characteristics is that solder will penetrate into LED. Thus, there's high possibility
that will influence its reliability.Therefore, please be informed, concerning it before using it.
4-2. Automatic Mounting
4-2-1. Silicon Resin Sealing Product
The sealing resin of LED is very soft, so please select adsorption nozzle that would not apply stress
directly on the sealing section.
4-2-2. Mini Package (Smaller than 1608 size)
・Vibration may result in low mounting rate since it will cause the static electricity of product and
adhere to top cover tape. Therefore, the magnet should be set on parts feeder cassette of
<Surface Mount>
<Reverse Mount>
Land pattern diagram
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2017.5 - Rev.006

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