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M95640 Datasheet(PDF) 6 Page - STMicroelectronics

No. de Pieza. M95640
Descripción  64Kbit and 32Kbit Serial SPI Bus EEPROM With High Speed Clock
Descarga  39 Pages
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Fabricante  STMICROELECTRONICS [STMicroelectronics]
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M95640 Datasheet(HTML) 6 Page - STMicroelectronics

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M95640, M95320
During all operations, VCC must be held stable and
within the specified valid range: VCC(min) to
All of the input and output signals must be held
High or Low (according to voltages of VIH, VOH, VIL
or VOL, as specified in Tables 13 to 17). These sig-
nals are described next.
Serial Data Output (Q). This
used to transfer data serially out of the device.
Data is shifted out on the falling edge of Serial
Clock (C).
Serial Data Input (D). This input signal is used to
transfer data serially into the device. It receives in-
structions, addresses, and the data to be written.
Values are latched on the rising edge of Serial
Clock (C).
Serial Clock (C). This input signal provides the
timing of the serial interface. Instructions, address-
es, or data present at Serial Data Input (D) are
latched on the rising edge of Serial Clock (C). Data
on Serial Data Output (Q) changes after the falling
edge of Serial Clock (C).
Chip Select (S). When this input signal is High,
the device is deselected and Serial Data Output
(Q) is at high impedance. Unless an internal Write
cycle is in progress, the device will be in the Stand-
by mode. Driving Chip Select (S) Low enables the
device, placing it in the active power mode.
After Power-up, a falling edge on Chip Select (S)
is required prior to the start of any instruction.
Hold (HOLD). The Hold (HOLD) signal is used to
pause any serial communications with the device
without deselecting the device.
During the Hold condition, the Serial Data Output
(Q) is high impedance, and Serial Data Input (D)
and Serial Clock (C) are Don’t Care.
To start the Hold condition, the device must be se-
lected, with Chip Select (S) driven Low.
Write Protect (W). The main purpose of this in-
put signal is to freeze the size of the area of mem-
ory that is protected against Write instructions (as
specified by the values in the BP1 and BP0 bits of
the Status Register).
This pin must be driven either High or Low, and
must be stable during all write operations.

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